The multi-national marketing still have far much better research resources at their disposal. Web sites run by professional information services and government bodies.

Not only do they congregate and categorize the information into easy to use formats. Information on the Web is available from many different sources ranging from personal home pages to corporate Web sites and professional statistical and information services. One feature of international marketing research is the locating and detailed evaluation of potential foreign business partners to determine their capabilities and competitive standing. Small import-export businesses can now get almost all the research they need for successful world trade at a price they can easily afford. It enables a business to identify, evaluate and compare potential foreign market opportunities and develop a marketing plan. With a list at hand, the next thing would be to make sure that these companies actually exist and if they do, what their performance and status is.

You want to make sure that your foreign partner, supplier or buyer is able to work with you, pay you and help you meet your organizational goals. Getting a list of potential partners, buyers or suppliers can be done using traditional offline methods as well as using online resources. Before the Internet, businesses had to invest considerable sums of money in international marketing research, which meant that only the largest companies could afford to do so.

Web sites belonging to foreign trade associations, embassies and trade missions will get you started on foreign regulations and requirements, most often for free. The Web has enabled information companies to provide you with the same information online.